AirFlow Hovercraft - "Slider"


Ever dreamed of flying? Live your fantasy with this wild new hovercraft that whisks across land or sea with equal ease.

Everyone has dreams about personal flight in which you soar on outstretched arms, your mind as tranquil and free as a bird on the wing. It's the desire for freedom that inspires such fantasies, and that very emotion is what draws us to water in the first place. On an ocean or lake, we can go where we like - until we run out of water, that is. But lack of H2O won't stop the wild new Slider, which can transition from the deep river to terra firma without missing a beat.


Slider SportExciting and easy to drive yet challenging in difficult areas. You have this exhilarating freedom of skating on the surface of land/water or anything in between. The unique skirt design gives Slider amazing stability when performing those breath-taking spins and turns.

Slider XL: Family adventure, backwater hunting trips, long distance shallow water transport or light commercial use. With a longer hull and greater carrying capacity, Slider Sport’s big brother offers all the fun of the Slider. When at rest on the water the Slider XL may be used as a very stable floating platform for sporting activities such as fishing, shooting or diving - a sporty workhorse with a measured edge over other hovercraft on the market.


Hot Points

Hull Design: Constructed of strong lightweight GRP (fibreglass) Slider’s design offers excellent visibility and ease of control. The aerodynamic shape allows Slider to accelerate rapidly and slip through the air with ease. For stowage of jackets, light baggage and camping, fishing, and hunting equipment, there are two generous compartments; one within the central well having easy access from under the motorcycle style seat and the other through the hatch in the front fairing. Marinised components and fittings are used exclusively throughout the craft.

Flexible Skirt: The skirt is a permanently pressured, twin-cell loop and segment design. Each segment is individually air-fed to provide reduced friction and a smooth ride over irregular surfaces. This unique design has three distinct advantages: At speed the skirt provides Slider with great stability; Should Slider have some degree of impact the loop acts as a fender to protect the structure of the craft and enhance passenger safety; When at rest on the water the loop becomes a buoyancy chamber and Slider is a stable platform for fishing, duck-shooting, diving or just relaxing.

Motor and Fans: Slider is powered by a reliable, compact and lightweight German engine, delivering high torque at low rpm (ideal for long life) to drive the high efficiency lift and thrust fans. The motor, exhaust system, and lift fans are positioned rearward of the passenger seat and are totally enclosed for safe, quiet operation.

Performance: Slider is a fully amphibious hovercraft equally at home on water, swamp, snow, ice or dry land and it smoothly transitions between them all. At speed Slider has practically no wake wash to damage river banks and it is the only surface craft which can pass over environmentally sensitive areas without disturbing the surface ecology. Slider is safer than the average powerboat having no underwater hull or propeller to endanger swimmers, aquatic life, or entangle ropes. A twist-grip throttle, handlebar steering and twin aerodynamic rudders offer the driver responsive control. With a full fuel tank it will cruise for upto 4hours.