AirFlow Hovercraft - "Odyssey"


An efficient and fast amphibious people mover. The Odyssey carries up to 25 passengers in air-conditioned safety and comfort in all weathers. The sleek all composite hull is rugged, corrosion resistant, and easily maintained. Large gull-wing doors, high reserve flotation sealed buoyancy chambers, and excellent visibility for both passengers and pilot are just a few of the features that make this hovercraft safe.  Twin large composite propellers produce thrust with less noise while reversible pitch gives superb speed control and manoeuvrability. Hydraulic skirt-shift banks the craft for precise and comfortable craft handling. The Twin high-speed, lightweight diesel engines are powerful, economical and reliable. The Odyssey Hovercraft is ideally suited for tourist trips, commuter travel and rescue work.

Hot Points

• Twin diesel engine reliability
• Quiet and energy efficient
• Excellent driver ergonomics
• Fast, smooth transporter
• Great for tourism, transport and rescue operations