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Who are we

Airflow Hovercraft NZ is an international company with more than 20 years' experience in the hovercraft industry. Airflow Hovercraft's model range includes the sporty two and four-seater Slider, the six-seater Discovery, the 12-seater Explorer, and the 5 to 40 tonne Atlas hover-platforms. All craft are built to high standards so quality, performance and reliability are naturally a feature.

In-house development and manufacture of skirts, hulls, propellers and lift fans give Airflow Hovercraft a major technical advantage over other hovercraft companies. Lower noise results from proper design incorporating separate lift fans and slow speed thrust propellers.

For those wanting excitement on the water, the racy "Slider" model is just the thing. Made of fiberglass, the Slider hovercraft travels at speeds of up to 80 kph with its unique skirt design giving it exceptional performance. The upper portion of the skirt is like a giant rubber tube which incorporates flexible extensions and provides the hovercraft with excellent floatation and a 'dodgem' ability to fend off solid objects at low speed without damage. When at rest on water, the Slider can be used as a very stable floating platform for sporting activities, such as fishing, shooting or diving - giving it the edge over other hovercraft on the market.

Airflow Hovercraft "The nearest comparable 'big boy's toy' to a Slider would be a jetski, but the Slider is much more versatile. You can go to far more places with a hovercraft than you can with a jet ski and it will run over shallows, swampy ground, land, and ice."

"The Slider is the most advanced light hovercraft in the world and we stand behind that. A small number of manufacturers around the world produce personal hovercraft, but to date there hasn't been a hovercraft which you could say was really user-friendly. The Slider is very user-friendly."

The key to its success will be in its ease of use, quietness and exceptional safety. as well as being affordable."

Airflow Hovercraft NZ - Corporate Profile

Airflow Hovercraft NZ is a hovercraft design and manufacturing company that was formed in July 1997 by Nigel Golding and Stephen Preest. It was created to develop and capitalise on the great potential we saw for a modern, reliable, quiet and controllable performance hovercraft for the world market. With distributors in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Korea and Canada, Airflow Hovercraft NZ is a rapidly growing force worldwide. Our success and growth from modest beginnings are due to the fact that we are passionate about hovercraft, that we care about our customers and that we provide quality, reliable products. Airflow Hovercraft NZ is wholly NZ owned and has two directors and four shareholders. Prior to setting up the company, both Nigel and Steve had successful functioning businesses and many years of working with hovercraft. Their joint experience and reputation of providing solutions for problems by means of hovercraft systems extend internationally.

Design and Build

Our in-house design and manufacturing service utilizes the latest in a dynamic calculation and aesthetic trends. Computer stress analysis of our products ensures efficient design - craft that are lightweight, strong, safe and propellers and lift fans that will withstand the rigors of daily use.


The highest standards are applied to our hovercraft design, materials and manufacture. Such standards include ISO, American SAE and NZ MSA. The standards apply to the detailed design of the craft itself, such as fuel systems, transmission, buoyancy, noise emission levels, performance and the like.

Quality Service

All our personnel is highly trained professionals who take pride in their work. Airflow Hovercraft NZ recognises the importance of training staff to deal with a customer’s problems correctly. Whatever service you require you can be assured that the importance of your needs is paramount.

Stephen J. Preest

Stephen Preest, CEO, brings 12 years’ experience as an Aircraft Engineer and is a holder of NZCE Aeronautical. In 1995 he formed Air Tech Industries Ltd to manufacture hovercraft composite parts and flexible skirt systems. Also an active hovercraft club member he achieved the first ever crossing and double crossing of the Cook Strait in New Zealand in 1990. He has participated in the United Kingdom and the United States world hovercraft champs and visited various large hovercraft installations around the world.


Our crafts are built to the highest standard and we stand behind the design, manufacture and performance of our products. The products we manufacture have been thoroughly tested, and for this reason we can provide you with meaningful long-term guarantees that we know our representatives and distributors will support.

For further inquiries, please contact us directly.